Mornings filled with Havana’s Tennis

Play Pro-Am tennis with the Cuban National Team!

Hit and giggle with the ex-pats and diplomats at Club Havana!

Special invitation to a unique tennis experience


Singles & Doubles: 2 sets (super tie-break on the 3rd set)
Every player guaranteed a minimum of 4 matches

Packages include:

Tournament registration, accommodations, transportation, 2 daily meals, water & snacks
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When & Where

April 25-28, 2019
The Memories Miramar Hotel
Havana, Cuba

The Friendship Games 2019
April 25-28
All levels welcome!

Advanced players compete against the Cuban National Team

Authentic and Luxurious Accommodations

Whether you prefer your own private villa, a restored mansion bed-and-breakfast, or a classic Cuban hotel- we’ve got a room for you.

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City Explorations

Avoid the tourist traps and skip the lines. Engage with the entrepreneurs and professionals that are moving Cuba into the future.
Sample the fresh flavors of Havana’s newest restaurants!

Art, Dance, & Music

From the famed Tropicana floor show to the cutting edge Cuban Art Factory, ETT rides the wave of emerging arts and music.

Escape to the Countryside

Get far from the maddening crowds and explore the natural beauty of real Cuba. Caves, rivers, mountains and beaches await.


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Trips Are Ongoing & Available Anytime

Genuinely as good as it gets. The Elite Tennis travel program has given me the opportunity to merge the love of tennis and the love of travel. The Hamptons, Barcelona or Havana – traveling for meets with players in other clubs allows you to experience the destinations in a different light. I’m particularly impressed with the Cuba program. We saw Havana; we met elite national players; we had fun! Thank you! Can’t wait for the next adventure

-Boris M.

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